Thanks Raj for helping me getting my licence - It would had not been possible without you. I had been to various instructors before but only Raj's lessons made me feel confident and safe driver. I released that previous instructors were just giving the practice without insight to actual road safety and real road conditions which resulted in situations where I could not even park properly. But, after the lessons from Raj, now I am very confident and can drive with my baby on board. Thanks a lot Raj. I highly recommend Raj's safe Driving school.

Andrew Wong YL

Many thanks to you Raj for your patience and excellent teaching skills to enable me to pass my Victorian driving test on my first attempt. I also want to thank you for your friendship, you made me feel right at home. To those looking for a driving instructor, I highly recommend Raj.
All the best


A very big thanks to Raj anna(bro) a big relief as he helped me get the license. I currently wid 2 small kids felt would never
the license it was he who guided me wid lots of hope and made me confident. Driving instructor job is not easy.. he risks himself and makes the student confident about road rules and he always focussed on safe  driving. I can always approach him any time for any guidance. I started to take lessons when i was pregnant n raj anna never pushed me instead he let me gain self confidence and always focussed on safety. Thanks a lot for your support anna.


I am really thankful to Mr. Raj for getting me a Driving license. He always encourage me for driving. Raj is a very good instructor with lots of experience . So thank you Raj for your time and help.


After failing in several attempts, I started taking lessons from Raj. He made me realise what mistakes I was making and helped me a lot on understanding how to drive safely. I have been to different driving instructors before. I could clearly say that other instructors were only giving me practice whereas Raj thought me so many stuff during the class. Despite getting my licence, I can clearly say that there is lot of things I still can learn from him with respect to driving. If you are looking for good instructor to teach you all the essentials of driving, you don't have to look any further. Thanks Raj for your patience in tracking me safe driving.

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