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Kapil Arora

I am feeling good after holding my licence. It's only possible due to you,Thanks for that. Every day I was getting my classes through you was an great experienced for me. Before I start my lesson I was feeling nervous but when I was with u on road I feel great and getting much confidence day by day. I wasn't feel assured that I will get until I hold my licence in my hand. I think I wasn't able to achieve this without of you. So to other as well I recommend please get classes with Raj he is a very good instructor. Don't think to get the lesson in the end bcZ u think you are assured about your self. Start the classes before you the test ask your instructor how far do you think I am, Can I book the test now or not? This would be the best way for everyone. Leave the decision on instructor not on your mind to book the test. Thanks Raj and good luck to everyone.


Glad that I chose Raj's safe driving school. I was this person who never had driven a car before. I still remember the first week of being nervous to drive just over 40 in suburban area. It was a huge transition from being that person to a licensed, confident driver that I am now which wouldn't have been possible without the expert guidance and patient coaching by Raj. Raj is an excellent instructor who stresses more on driving safe and being responsible on road than just getting license.He always insists on maintaining safe distance,sticking to speed limit and judging safe time to overtake.I would strongly recommend Raj for beginners/nervous drivers. Thanks again Raj's Safe and keep do the great job that you are doing!!

Rukmini Venkat

I have been with many instructors and I can say with confidence, that because of Raj, I now have my P's and can safely drive on the streets without any fear. He was extremely patient with me, and never got angry or frustrated. He teaches you movements that you once thought were complicated and helps you achieve them in a matter of minutes! He makes it very hard to make mistakes when driving. Raj's Safe Driving School, is the best and of the highest quality!

Thanks Raj!


Raj is an excellent driving instructor. I've driven years overseas but when I took the test at Vicroads I couldn't get through. But just in a few classes Raj not only helped me pass the drive the test, but also made me a safe driver.

Raj is patient and very knowledgeable and his insights and tips have made me a better driver. I highly recommend Raj to anyone learning to drive or even those who need help to pass the drive test.

John Sebastian

I am really glad to record my testimony regarding my experience with Raj’s Safe Driving School.
I was looking for a good driving school, which would help me in gaining adequate knowledge and eventually help me to transfer my Indian licence into the Victorian one.

Fr. David Raj, a priest friend of mine suggested Raj’s Safe Driving School to me. I am really glad that he put me into a wonderful school, which helped me to obtain my licence.

Mr. Raj is very much competent in training the students. He has a complete knowledge about what you are expected while you are driving a vehicle.

He wants his students to obtain all the necessary skills for a safe driving, while preparing them for the driving test.

He has a complete command over many of the Indian languages besides English. I would highly recommend anyone who considers obtaining a licence.

Mr. Raj, you are a wonderful driving instructor. Thank you very much for all your hard effort in helping me to obtain my licence. Wish you all the best. God bless you!

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