John Sebastian

I am really glad to record my testimony regarding my experience with Raj’s Safe Driving School.
I was looking for a good driving school, which would help me in gaining adequate knowledge and eventually help me to transfer my Indian licence into the Victorian one.

Fr. David Raj, a priest friend of mine suggested Raj’s Safe Driving School to me. I am really glad that he put me into a wonderful school, which helped me to obtain my licence.

Mr. Raj is very much competent in training the students. He has a complete knowledge about what you are expected while you are driving a vehicle.

He wants his students to obtain all the necessary skills for a safe driving, while preparing them for the driving test.

He has a complete command over many of the Indian languages besides English. I would highly recommend anyone who considers obtaining a licence.

Mr. Raj, you are a wonderful driving instructor. Thank you very much for all your hard effort in helping me to obtain my licence. Wish you all the best. God bless you!


A very organised and structured instructor-that's how I would describe Raj. Observations and feedback from Raj are very helpful to tune yourself to the test criteria. 4 friends of mine has already started lesso s and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor


It's quite simple.................without Raj, I wouldn't have passed my driving test.
I have been learning how to drive for 2 years, with some success but with only 4 lessons with Raj, I was able to have the confidence to go for my test and pass with ease. Raj is a patient and clear instructor who has simplified steps in driving routines such as parallel parking, which I am now able to finally do.
Thanks Raj.


I took about 10 classes in total with a few other driving schools and i kept failing all my tests. I am happy to say that i passed my test in my only one class with Raj. It made a lot of difference in the way i drove all along. I strongly recommend Raj as a driving instructor. He is very polite and patient and has very good teaching techniques. I was very happy with him and I strongly recommend Raj driving school for anyone looking to pass their driving test!

Dharminder Singh

Just passed my driving test, Raj is an amazing driving instructor. He's very happy and all round a perfect teacher! If he got me to pass first time he can get you too!. He made the whole experience far easier by reassuring me and keeping my nerves calm at all times. I would thoroughly recommend him. Now for the celebrations!

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