Raj is an excellent driving instructor. I've driven years overseas but when I took the test at Vicroads I couldn't get through. But just in a few classes Raj not only helped me pass the drive the test, but also made me a safe driver.

Raj is patient and very knowledgeable and his insights and tips have made me a better driver. I highly recommend Raj to anyone learning to drive or even those who need help to pass the drive test.

John Sebastian

I am really glad to record my testimony regarding my experience with Raj’s Safe Driving School.
I was looking for a good driving school, which would help me in gaining adequate knowledge and eventually help me to transfer my Indian licence into the Victorian one.

Fr. David Raj, a priest friend of mine suggested Raj’s Safe Driving School to me. I am really glad that he put me into a wonderful school, which helped me to obtain my licence.

Mr. Raj is very much competent in training the students. He has a complete knowledge about what you are expected while you are driving a vehicle.

He wants his students to obtain all the necessary skills for a safe driving, while preparing them for the driving test.

He has a complete command over many of the Indian languages besides English. I would highly recommend anyone who considers obtaining a licence.

Mr. Raj, you are a wonderful driving instructor. Thank you very much for all your hard effort in helping me to obtain my licence. Wish you all the best. God bless you!


A very organised and structured instructor-that's how I would describe Raj. Observations and feedback from Raj are very helpful to tune yourself to the test criteria. 4 friends of mine has already started lesso s and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor


It's quite simple.................without Raj, I wouldn't have passed my driving test.
I have been learning how to drive for 2 years, with some success but with only 4 lessons with Raj, I was able to have the confidence to go for my test and pass with ease. Raj is a patient and clear instructor who has simplified steps in driving routines such as parallel parking, which I am now able to finally do.
Thanks Raj.


I took about 10 classes in total with a few other driving schools and i kept failing all my tests. I am happy to say that i passed my test in my only one class with Raj. It made a lot of difference in the way i drove all along. I strongly recommend Raj as a driving instructor. He is very polite and patient and has very good teaching techniques. I was very happy with him and I strongly recommend Raj driving school for anyone looking to pass their driving test!

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